Quality Enhancement

Our premium high value wild salmon demands high grounds prices for many reasons. Quality is just one of those reasons. We are harvesting some of the highest quality food in the world.

Member Fishermen

Bleed Your Catch

Live bleeding every salmon you harvest is important to delivering the cleanest tasting wild salmon.

Chill Your Catch

Properly chilling salmon is the single most important step in delivering the highest quality harvest. Slush ice and RSW
are the standard for chilling wild salmon.

Handle Your Catch with Care

Never pick fish up by the tail and never throw them into a hold. Carefully handled salmon do not show signs of bruising and gaping when butchered.

Deliver Your Catch Often

And keep brailer bags below 600 lbs. to reduce damage to your harvest.

Always Keep Your Boat Clean

Clean and sanitized decks, brailer bags, slush bags and fish holds should never smell fishy. In port, keep
your brailer bags out of the harbor.

Salmon on rocks with bulleted list of maintaining quality salmon


For seafood industry partners, processors, wholesale, retail and foodservice partners: ASMI QA support materials are available upon request. 

Shoot us an email and we’ll drop by with waterproof posters and stickers.

  • Graphic of salmon with knife and "Bleed 'Em All" text
  • Graphic of salmon with sunglasses and text "chill fish"
  • Graphic of salmon held by tail and text "Not by the Tail"
  • Graphic of foot stepping on pile of salmon with text "don't step on the fish"
  • Graphic of hosing spraying Salmon with text "Keep Surfaces Clean"