Thank You 10th&M Seafoods!

Thank you to 10th&M Seafoods for administering the net storage barge in 2015! Your contribution to quality enhancement in Prince William Sound benefits all our members.



Quality Guidelines & Handouts


PWS Quality Guidelines

In the spring of 2011 representatives from all PWS processors met with fishermen in Seattle to discuss quality in Prince William Sound. The general consensus was that quality needed to improve to increase the value of the fishery.

The group worked together to develop PWS Quality Guidelines which outlines simple steps that processors and fishermen would like to see enforced in the Prince William Sound gillnet salmon fishery.

Copies of these guidelines are available at each processing facility, at the Marketing Association office as well as on tender boats.

The group has a goal to meet twice a year in the spring and fall to continue to move forward with improving quality in Prince William Sound.

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Quality Handouts

These handouts were developed to educate fishermen about quality handling in the fishery.


Sanitizing Brailer Bags and Boat Surfaces: Read More…

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Bleeding Your Fish: Read More

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PWS Chilling Study


Processors were surveyed to gather baseline data on chilling effort in the PWS gillnet salmon fishery.



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