Project Proposals

2016 Project Solicitation Guideline


Project Proposals may be submitted by permit-holders, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, private companies, research institutions, state and local agencies and individuals who are in a position to carry out the project they are proposing.  If you are submitting a Project Proposal, all items are required.


Project Concepts are ideas for projects that the board might consider funding. Project Concepts allow the board to gather a broad range of ideas from members who may not themselves be in a position to carry them forward. If you are submitting a Project Concept, you need only provide the items below that are underlined.


When project proposals are accepted, the submission period for project proposals and project concepts is open October 1 through December 31. Proposals may be considered by the Board of Directors at their discretion at any time.

Project Proposals are not being accepted this year. If you have a project that you would like funded that fits the below guidelines please contact Christa Hoover in the office or Board Chair, Jeff Bailey, for further discussion. 

Required Items to Submit:

  • Proposer’s contact information.  Name, email and phone.
  • Acknowledgment of having read CR/PWSMA Strategic Priorities and bylaws.
  • Identify the CR/PWSMA strategic priority addressed by the project.
  • Brief description of project – 250 words maximum.
  • Estimate of total project costs and amount needed from CR/PWSMA.  Identify other sources of funds.
  • Approximate date of project completion.

CR/PWSMA policies to consider:

  • The CR/PWSMA has a preference for cost sharing with others and for the potential grant recipient to be a significant source of funding.
  • The CR/PWSMA does not seek to own any plant or equipment
  • Projects funded by the CR/PWSMA must be available to, or benefit, all S03E permit holders.
  • Single year projects are preferred over multi-year projects.

Funded Project Proposals


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