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...a few resources you may need


Direct Marketers are our partners. If you are direct marketing any part of your Copper River salmon catch and leveraging the Copper River salmon brand and the Alaska Seafood brand you are our partner. If you are direct marketing any part of your Prince William Sound salmon catch and leveraging the Prince William Sound brand and the Alaska Seafood brand you are our partner. Quality and reputation are imperative for our brands. Take all the care possible for both your salmon and your customers.


Consumer interest in where their food comes from is at an all time high. This plays to our strengths as a small volume wild salmon fishery. We encourage ALL direct marketers to tag their fish. Assure your customer that they are buying your fish, that you harvested, that you caught for them, with a Copper River salmon branded tag. These tags with our premium brand on them can be co-branded with your brand on the reverse side. If you are interested in this additional layer of premium branding, proof of origin, and traceability measure please contact the office.


It seems easy enough but a lot of work goes into direct marketing your own catch.  Here are a few resources that may help you along the way as you decide if direct marketing your Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon is in your future. 


A great place to start is with the Sea Grant Fisherman's Direct Marketing Manual. Even a quick read through makes it pretty evident that a lot of work goes into selling your catch yourself.  Don't forget to look into the regulations governing selling seafood. We have several great resources available for you to check out from the office. 


You may be familiar with the term "Community Supported Agriculture". Well are you familiar with a "Community Supported Fishery"?  Increasingly more fish are available direct to consumers via the CSF model or variations thereof.  Another Sea Grant - NOAA publication to explain how a CSF works is Starting and Maintaining Community Supported Fishery (CSF) Programs. One more useful publication is the CSF Bait Box: A Fisherman's Guide to Community Supported Fisheries.


These publications are not exhaustive in their information and may even be somewhat out of date but they offer a place to start and an idea of the due diligence required when considering adding this dimension to your salmon fishing operation.  


Other questions you may ask yourself:


  • What salmon do I want to sell? and how much?

  • Do I want to sell my own salmon as well as other fishermen's salmon?

  • Who do I want to sell Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon to?

  • Who will custom process my catch for me?

  • How do I price my product? and how do I bill and collect payment?

  • How and when can I ship out my product?

  • Who will deliver your product when it arrives at its' destination? 

  • What will you do if your customer is unsatisfied with your product?

Other important links:
Local Catch.Org 

Keep checking back with this page for updates. Stop by the office. Shoot us an email. Let us know how we can help you.