First Hand Experience of the Copper River and Prince William Sound Fisheries. See what it takes to bring sustainable wild Alaskan Salmon from ocean to plate.


Experiencing Cordova, the Copper River Delta, and Prince William Sound first hand is the best way to understand the fishermen, community and industry that supports the Copper River salmon fishery.


Food writers and chefs have visited us every summer to learn about Copper River salmon. From exploring the Copper River Delta to processor tours, management overviews, fishing, meeting fishermen, and eating salmon at every meal - everyone who tours the fishery goes home as an honorary Cordovan and fundamentally transformed.

2017 Sockeye Tour

Nik Sharma - columnist -San Francisco Chronicle, freelance writer, cookbook author & blogger, A Brown Table, A Trip to Cordova,

contributor - Taste Magazine, Gravlax at the Source

Molly Yeh - social media influencer, cookbook author & blogger, My Name is Yeh, Boat to Bagel

Gerry Speirs - social media influencer, recipe developer & food blogger, Foodness Gracious, Hot Smoked Salmon and a Trip to Cordova

Alana Kysar - recipe developer & food blogger, Fix Feast Flair, Kimchi Salmon Poke

Kristin Raines - recipe developer & food blogger, The Broken Bread, Exploring Cordova, Alaska

Rob Burke - videographer, Yarn


2016 Coho Tour

Julia Mueller - cookbook author & blogger, The Roasted Root, Copper River Salmon and Cordova Pt1, Copper River Salmon and Cordova Pt 2

Laura Davidson - trained chef, food photographer, full time blogger, A Beautiful Plate, Copper River Salmon Fishing Pt1, The Story of Copper River Salmon Pt 2

Derek Baril - Boulder, CO chef, Wild Standard

John Rohrs - Seafood Manager, Perishable Distributors of Iowa, Hy-Vee Supermarkets


2016 Sockeye Tour

Diane Morgan, James Beard award winning author Salmon - A Cookbook, Salmon - Everything you need to know + 45 recipes

Kim Sunee, New York Times best selling author, Columnist - Alaska Dispatch News, Blueberry Cured Lox

Morgan Yeager, photo journalist on assignment for The Coastal Table magazine

Kenzi Wilbur, former Managing Editor Food52, formerly of Burnt Toast podcast by Food52

Lauren Grier, cookbook author, food and travel blogger, Climbing Grier Mountain, Sesame Roasted Salmon BLT, Farmer's Market Sockeye Salmon Nachos, Stacked Coho Salmon Enchiladas


2015 Coho Tour

Tim LaBant, head chef at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, CT - Salmon Adventure May 2016

Amanda Paa,

Amanda Finks,

Eric Lucas, contributing editor at Alaska Airlines Magazine, Wild Catch June 2016


2015 Sockeye Tour

Gina Matsoukas, & here

Ayla Wilt,, here, here and many more

Savannah Wishart, Paleo Magazine

Michelle Baxter,


2014 Coho Tour

Author Langdon Cook, Fat of the Land, June 2016 Seattle Magazine - The River Runs Through it

Kimberley Hasselbrink, The Year in Food

Katy Oursler, Outstanding in the Field

Stephen Beaumier, Culinary Director, Ecopia Farms


2014 Sockeye Tour

Meredith Steele, Steele House Kitchen, here, here and manymore

Sara & Hugh Forte, Sprouted Kitchen, and here

Lori Lange, Recipe Girl

Hedi Larsen, Foodie Crush Magazine

Brian Samuels, A Thought For Food

Lari Robling, Endangered Recipes


2013 Coho Tour

Chef Chad Greer, Lark Creek Blue

Chris Chowaneic, Edible Silicon Valley


2013 Sockeye Tour

Ron Ruggless, Nation's Restaurant News

Tara Mataraza Desmond, cookbook author

Rebecca & Fred Gerendasy, Cooking Up A Story

Nick Davidson, Outside Magazine

Chef Nathan Lyon, cookbook author

Sarah Forman, Chef Nathan Lyon


2012 Coho Tour

Megan Keno, Wanna Be A Country Cleaver

Kaela Carpenter, Cookin' And Kickin'

Marge Perry, A Sweet And Savory Life

David Bonom, Chef


2012 Sockeye Tour

Chandra Ram, Plate Magazine

Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gatherer Cook

Holly Heyser, Heyser Photography

Ivy Manning

Daniel Klein, The Perennial Plate

Kate Parham


2011 Coho Tour

Shauna & Danny Ahern, Gluten Free Girl & the Chef

Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy

Melissa Trainer

Joelen Tan, What's Cookin' Chicago


2011 Sockeye Tour

Tom Philpott, Mother Jones

Allison Ashton, Nourish Network

Matt Armendariz, Matt Bites

Bonnie Powell

Maria Finn

Rowan Jacobsen



Barry Estabrook, Politics of the Plate

Rick Moonen, RM Seafood

Marge Perry, Sweet & Savory Life

David Bonom

Aliza Green

Juliet Glass, Food Arts



Sam Fromartz, Chewswise

Cheryl Sternman-Rule, 5-Second Rule

Clare Leschin-Hoar

Molly Watson, The Dinner Files

John Kirkpatrick, Cuisine at Home

Dan Enos, Oceanaire Seafood Room



Julia Rutland, Coastal Living

Lia Huber, Nourish Network

Carolyn Jung, Food Gal

Jacqueline Church, Leather District Gourmet

Trevor White & Adam Newton, Oceanaire Seafood Room


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Sampling Programs

We believe that the best way to create advocates for wild Copper River salmon is to get our catch onto their plate. Eating is believing.


Fresh Catch Crew

Our Fresh Catch Crew program provides samples of fresh Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon throughout the fresh season May through September. Often we sample food writers, correspondents, authors and bloggers that will be attending a summer media tour. Other times we sample writers prior to bringing them to experience the salmon season first hand.

Beginning in May FCC participants received Copper River king salmon, June Copper River sockeye salmon, July Prince William Sound

2016 Crew


Gerry Speirs - Foodness Gracious

Grilled king salmon with lentil salad


Julia Mueller - The Roasted Root

The only grilled salmon recipe you'll ever need


Lauren Grier - Climbing Grier Mountain

Sesame roasted salmon BLT with kimchi yogurt dressing


Laura Davidson - A Beautiful Plate


Previous Crews:

The Crepes of Wrath

Sprouted Kitchen

What's Gaby Cooking


...In My Monkey Slippers

The Nutritionist Reviews

Table for Two

Kiss My Whisk


Typically we ask that each delivery of fresh wild Alaskan salmon receives a blog post or corresponding print article, as well as a post on the writers various social media channels. Most often that initial blog post is an original recipe calling out Copper River or Prince William Sound salmon. These details are most often worked out on a one to one basis to produce the best results for the writer and our brand.


Writers and bloggers are selected based on their social influence and their ability to help us share the story of Copper River salmon and the fishermen who harvest it. We look for writers who share our values of wild sustainable seafood, protecting wild places, hard work, beauty, and community. We seek out writers whose resume is diverse from blogging, to print work in newspapers or magazines, to cookbooks, to photography and even recipe development. We believe that our story offers writers good subject matter and the relationship is mutually beneficial.

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Season For Flavoring Sampling

This program focuses on educating food writers about the full flavor of full season Copper River salmon.


Many people still don't know that the Copper River is a 5 month season from May to September. This program focuses on educating food writers about the full flavor of full season Copper River salmon.

Season for Flavor participants receive complimentary samples of each Copper River salmon species throughout the summer, as well as PWS sockeye and smoked salmon at the end of the season. They also receive species information, recipes, cooking tips and information about our fishery.


Delivery Schedule:

May: Copper River King
June: Copper River Sockeye
July: Prince William Sound Sockeye
August: Copper River Coho
September: Smoked Copper River Salmon


In partnership with the Alaskan Brewing Company, we have selected beer & food writers to receive a beer pairing with each monthly shipment to raise awareness about Cooking with Beer and all the great varieties of Alaskan Beer.


Past participants in the program have included:




Denise Mickelsen, Fine Cooking Magazine
Joy Manning, writer and editor
Jill Waldbieser, Women's Health Magazine
Regina Ragone, Family Circle
Megan Flynn, Beer West Magazine





Erin Zimmer, Serious Eats
Mark Kurlansky, author
Marge Perry, A Sweet and Savory Life
Lucy Saunders,
Shira Bocar, Martha Stewart





Michael Pollan
Shauna James Ahern, Gluten Free Girl
Dana Bowen, Saveur
Jesse Price, Eating Well
Christopher Herscheimer & Melissa Hamilton, the Canal House
Deborah Cassell, Gourmet Retailer
Kath Younger, Kath Eats
Lucy Burningham
Hunter Lewis, Bon Appetite
Amanda Baltazar, Restaurant Management
Francis Lam, Gilt Taste
Lia Huber, Nourish Network





Sean Paxton, Homebrew Chef
Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy
Diane Morgan, Diane Morgan Cooks
Kristine Kidd, Kristine Kidd
Bonnie Powell, Ethicurian
Jacqueline Church, Leather District Gourmet
Julia Rutland, Coastal Living

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Seafood Expo North America



We've exhibited at the Seafood Expo North America since 2009 to promote wild Alaskan Copper River salmon, and Prince William Sound salmon, our fishermen, processors and community.

The show is the largest seafood industry event in North America. For three days in March, tens of thousands of seafood vendors, buyers and promoters come together under one roof.

Exhibiting is a great way to raise awareness of our brands and connect with retailers, restaurants and industry stakeholders. Each year we've handed out thousands of pieces of information, developed relationships for custom promotions and come away with a greater sense of where the seafood industry is at and ways that we can position the Copper River and Prince William Sound brands to be competitive in the marketplace.

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Social Media


Social Media is an immediate, low-cost way to reach consumers. By becoming a part of Copper River Salmon's social network, consumers can get help finding where to buy, how to cook, and learn about Copper River Salmon.


Facebook is a network used to build relationships. Copper River Salmon's Facebook page is a public forum for fans of Copper River Salmon to view links, photos, status updates, and videos. Fans can interact with the forum by posting their own links, photos, status updates, and videos (that are reviewed by our team); they can also interact by answering questions and commenting on official posts.


Twitter is a network used to have conversations, answering and replying to the question: "What are you up to?" When CopperRiverWild tweets (the term used to describe status updates on twitter), followers can reply to comment or ask for more information or retweet to pass on the information to others. On Twitter, people are talking about Copper River Salmon, how they're cooking it, where they're buying it- we are working to be a part of that conversation.


YouTube is a video-sharing network. The CopperRiverWild YouTube channel will host a number of videos taken by professionals and fishermen. YouTube is also used to explore and share videos made about Copper River Salmon. For example, check out this video.

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Consumer Websites


We developed and maintain consumer facing websites for Copper River Salmon and Prince William Sound Salmon to provide information and recipes for the best wild Alaskan salmon.