Smoked Salmon and Burrata Pizza

By Julie Chiou Wampler
Table For Two
October 15, 2013
Smoked Salmon and Burrata Pizza
Smoked Salmon Pizza
Have you ever had smoked salmon or burrata cheese? It’s like the best combination in the entire world and smoked salmon and burrata pizza is the next best combination in the entire world!

Burrata is this amazing, luscious, creamy cheese and it’s out of this world. You have to try it sometime (and basically fall in love with it). It’s all the new rage to put it on pizza or a sandwich. Pairing burrata and smoked salmon on a pizza is like a whole mouthful of flavor explosion. Jason and I didn’t want to stop eating this pizza! We were sad when it was all devoured but honestly, we were pretty elated that we ate the entire pizza between the two of us. Someone should really control us ;)

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