Copper River Salmon Celebrates Fall Coho with Sustainable Harvest Celebration




Copper River coho is the last of the five salmon species that arrive in the cold, glacial waters of the Copper River/Prince William Sound region in Alaska. Revered for their delicate texture and subtle flavor, coho herald the end of the season, the arrival of the fall harvest and quieter months ahead. To mark the season’s transition, the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association is pleased to announce its annual Copper River Coho Tour. This event, August 28th to September 1st, coincides with the annual Wild Harvest Feast, a fundraiser for the Copper River Watershed Project.


The media tour welcomes Langdon Cook, author of The Mushroom Hunters and Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager; Kimberley Hasselbrink, author of VIBRANT: A Celebration of Color and Food; Katy Oursler, founder of Outstanding in the Field; and Stephen Beaumier, Culinary Director of Ecopia Farms. The guests will be immersed in the many facets of the Copper River coho fishery, community, heritage, history, and economics. On Saturday evening, August 30th, Stephen Beaumier and Katy Oursler will prepare an elaborate coho and wild mushroom dinner for the Wild Harvest Feast in the historic Copper River Seafoods cookhouse. This harvest gathering celebrates the region’s wild flavors and Cordova’s commitment to preserving the ecosystem that supports the local family fishermen, fishery, and community.


Nelly Hand, the Executive Director of the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association, is pleased to support the fundraiser and welcome these guests to town. Hand, whose family is rooted in the commercial fishing, explains, “Eating, cooking and celebrating our wild salmon is the livelihood of this town. We are looking forward to celebrating coho salmon as the community gathers for the Wild Harvest Feast. Preserving and protecting the watershed is influential in sustaining the economy in this unique coastal community. We are thrilled to be welcoming these dedicated food professionals up to Alaska and look forward to seeing their enthusiasm for our last great salmon of the season!”


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