Cedar Planked Coho Salmon with Brown Sugar Dijon Glaze

By Meredith Steele

In Sock Monkey Slippers

Cedar Planked Coho Salmon with Brown Sugar Dijon Glaze

Cedar Planked Coho

As a member of this year’s Copper River Salmon Fresh Catch Crew, I’ve been lucky enough to have been fully supplied with sockeye salmon this summer but now that sockeye season is over I have a chance to taste Copper River Coho Salmon. This salmon is perfect for grilling, soups, and paired with sauces because although it’s insanely tender it does not have the full flavor as the sockeye. This less intense flavor also makes it great for first time salmon tasters!

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we are lighting the grill! I gave this recipe a test last week and it came out better than expected. The cedar planks not only make the salmon supper easy to grill but the smoky cedar flavor is an amazing pairing with the coho and this sweet and savory brown sugar dijon glaze. My friends, this is a fabulously easy and delicious recipe perfect for a backyard bar-b-cue! Cheers!

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