An Introduction to Affordable, Versatile, and Sustainable Prince William Sound Salmon


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An Introduction to Affordable, Versatile, and Sustainable Prince William Sound Salmon

Kid’s Favorite Salmon Salad Spread

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August 26, 2013


Cordova, Alaska--The Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association is pleased to announce that Prince William Sound salmon is taking center stage in the launch of a new small scale marketing program called The Sound Bounty Crew. Designed to highlight the Sound’s abundant and affordable salmon species—sockeye, pink and keta—the program is geared towards three budget-conscious bloggers in the Lower 48.

Prince William Sound is a pristine and breathtakingly beautiful paradise that is home to sockeye, pink and keta salmon. All of these species arrive in abundance each year and are carefully managed for long term sustainability by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. For the 2103 season, the Association has arranged for three shipments of salmon to be sent to Sara Tetreault of Go Gingham, Megan Keno of Wanna Be A Country Cleaver , and Krista Dearden of Budget Gourmet Mom. Each blogger is welcome to work with salmon in any way that meets her family’s budget, lifestyle, and taste preferences.

Jessyka Dart-Mclean, the Association’s Marketing Coordinator is spearheading the project and arranged for one whole PWS fresh sockeye to be sent to each blogger in July. The second shipment will include convenient frozen and portioned fillets of pink and chum, and the final package will included canned salmon and salmon burgers. Dart-McLean explains, “With its abundance of pink and keta salmon as well as sockeye, we’ve been gearing Prince William Sound as a more economical resource for salmon lovers who might need to watch their bottom line but still want the benefits of serving a wild sustainable and omega rich food to their families. To launch the program, we picked three budget bloggers--two of them are moms and one of them is a blogger who has worked with us in the past.”

All of these species lend themselves to affordable family-friendly meals such as soups, casseroles, burgers, tacos and sandwiches as well as to planking and grilling. When Sara Tetreault received her headed and gutted sockeye in July, she went right to work grilling one fillet and serving the leftovers the next day with dill, basil, sour cream and a lemon vinegar sauce. The second fillet, which was frozen, was also grilled and Tetreault reported that she couldn’t even tell it had been frozen.  “We are big fish eaters at our house and weekly have a fish, brown rice, green salad meal. This fish made our weekly meal fantastic…The only way it could have been fresher was if I had caught it myself.”

Kid’s Favorite Salmon Salad Spread:
1 can or pouch (6 to 7.5 oz.) Alaska salmon, drained and chunked
1/4 cup light mayonnaise
2 teaspoons fresh chopped dill or 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed
6 slices white or whole wheat bread
Tomato slices
Lettuce leaves

Thoroughly blend all ingredients except bread and lettuce/spinach/cucumber.  Spread 1/2 to 3/4 cup mixture into pita pocket half or onto one bread slice/bagel half.  Top with cucumber slices, tomatoes and/or lettuce/spinach leaves, if desired, and bread top.  Serve immediately.


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