Amber Maple Glazed Salmon

By Meredith Steele

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Amber Maple Glazed Salmon

Amber Maple Glazed Salmon

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to work with Copper River Salmon and experience what I’ve come to find to be the most decedent salmon I’ve ever had. With this last shipment of Prince William Sound sockeye salmon I was fortunate enough to pair it with Alaskan Amber, an alt style beer, from Alaskan Brewing Co. and the pairing did not disappoint! Bold, malty, and smooth it’s the perfect beer to have with this rich salmon. It cuts through the buttery salmon yet balances the flavors of the two for a perfect meal.

Taking the pairing a step further, I created a glaze for the salmon with the Amber, a touch of maple syrup, and black pepper. With a house full of devotees to craft beer (seriously – my wine fridge has been taken over by flemish sours) I’ve been cooking with beer a lot lately. There’ve been some upsets in pairings but in return we’ve had some awesome victories and I have to say this one crossed the finish line perfectly. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Alaskan Amber and the salmon are born from the same cloth, so to speak, or maybe it’s just the fact that you can’t go wrong with a delicious beer glaze. I know one thing is for certain, this recipe will be in permanent rotation.

Rich, smooth, and slightly sweet, this Amber Maple Glaze doesn’t overcome this luscious wild salmon but brings it to another level of pure awesomeness. I’m roasting the salmon in this recipe but grilling it on a cedar plank would do mighty fine as well. So, pop open two beers, one for you and one for the salmon, and toast to a bit of deliciousness and our 49th state!

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